GST: A Critical Analysis of Implementation and Impact

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) stands as a landmark reform within India’s indirect tax structure. Implemented in 2017, GST aimed to unify the nation under a single tax regime, streamlining compliance and broadening the overall tax base.  This article offers a Read More

Piercing the Corporate Veil in the Age of Global Supply Chains: A Case for Harmonization

This article examines the doctrine of piercing the corporate veil in India within the complex landscape of global supply chains. It argues that the current legal framework in India does not sufficiently address the challenges posed by the multinational nature of corporate Read More

Emerging Challenges, Evolving Solutions: Adapting Taxation Laws to the Service-Driven Economy

The Indian economy is undergoing a fast transformation in India, as it rapidly moves from goods-based to service-based model, with the service sector now accounting for over 54% of GDP and employing over 25% of the workforce. This transition, which was taking Read More

Winding Up and Insolvency: Need to Protect Customer Interests During Corporate Restructuring

Corporate restructuring and insolvency proceedings, while aimed at revitalizing struggling companies or settling debts, often overlook the critical interests of customers. This article delves into the need to prioritize customer protection during these processes, arguing for a stakeholder-centric approach that safeguards their Read More