Set-Up Business In India

From profit making enterprise to Non-profit making enterprise, from one person company to public limited company, India has ecosystem for setting up varied categories of businesses / enterprises, we at alacrity help you with

– business conceptualisation

– business form selection

– getting legal registration/licenses /Approvals

-Supporting in Physical set-up for offices

– supporting in Manpower hiring

-Setting in IT Systems and security

-Arrangement of logistics and above all

-helping in creating network of suitable partners/ vendors /customers

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If you are not sure about form of business you want to set up, here you can get to know about various forms of businesses, suitability and their features, still need help, do not hesitate to contact us


Accounting is key for every organisation, however it is almost neglected and does not provide the key insights in time for the managerial decision making, if not properly done.

With the outsourced offline and online accounting and book-keeping services, alacrity supports businesses with financial data maintenance, analysis and MIS which goes a long way in helping companies achieve financial disciplines and their financial goals.

We call it growth accounting as we thought best practices of accounting adopted ensure that your accounting records are up-to-date and in line with accounting standards commensurate to your business activities and scale. We have both offline and online cloud based accounting systems to empower you with financial controls. With budgetary control measures and better cash management, your business is sure to reduce cost and reap more profits ,

To explore more about how alacrity accounting aids to your growth, let’s connect and discuss in order to help you

Legal Compliance Management

India is country with one of the most dynamic and vast legal regime. Many old laws get changed over period of time. Every day there changes, new regulations, new laws, ordinances and notifications, which requires every business unit to be on its toes to identify, do impact assessment, absorb it and then implement and again be ready for the new changes.

Alacrity with the expertise and knowledge gained over decades have got in place a proper compliance management team, which makes life of business unit simple by

-tracking changes in the laws

-evaluation for the clients

-educating the client

-implementing in the areas required

-supporting with the necessary record keeping & filing various returns and forms with authorities.

With alacrity compliance management services, businesses reduce the compliance risk and face lesser scrutiny and notices.

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